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Ode to OTF

Ode to OTF

Repeat good things until you're great... then continue.

I go to orange theory fitness (OTF) because when I look in the mirror I see a sweaty, contorted, nostrils-flared face trying to get better. I want to be someone who gives effort. Who cares enough to try everyday.

"I like people who try very hard, and I like people who attempt to conceal their effort, but I especially like people who let all their effort show. We are all Frankenstein monsters—patchwork quilts of past experiences—trying to pass ourselves off as whole and cohesive things." — Ava and the Bookbear Express

I want to get better so I can serve better, so that I can create belief in others by showing them they're capable of more than they think. I used to love sprints. The 3-hour marathon workout once a week. But now, I choose the long slog. To set my sail toward a destination I desire to get to and slowly work my way there, enjoying the ride along the way. To live in the moment on my boat and catch fish, soak up the sun, say hello to and develop meaningful relationships with passersby.

Skill compounds incrementally over time. Not in giant leaps. But no one wants to hear that. No one goes to a motivational seminar to hear, “if you try really hard for 30 years without stopping, you can become great!” But that's how it works. Reps, reps and more reps. My diet is inconsistent - darn you, delicious-tasting chocolate chip cookies! But I've kept up a workout routine I've been proud of. Surprisingly, it's much easier to go regularly than it is to actually show up once a week.

Repeat good things until you're great... Then continue.


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